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 Patient Testimonials

“I hated my smile.  But my experience with dentists had been very unpleasant…

I was actually ready to have all of my teeth pulled and wear dentures!  Then I visited Dr. Sehorn and everything changed. I never knew dental care could be so comfortable.  He eased my fears…and gave me the ‘Hollywood Smile’ I’ve always dreamed about.  Now, I can’t stop smiling.

Thank you, Dr. Sehorn!”

H.B. – 58 yr. old


“The pain in my mouth was terrible.  Every meal was torture.  I’d been to several dentists, and no one could help.   I was ready to just ‘live with it.’But Dr. Sehorn took the time to really listen to me, and give me an extensive examination that pinpointed the problem.   It turns out I had four cracked teeth.

Now, I have custom crowns that saved my teeth…and let me eat in peace.”

C.W. – 31 yr. old